Why do company need a purpose? ( it is called as philosophy)

Because, company consist of human being. Human being need mean of life. Some people say it is too difficult, I can live without a purpose. However, I disagree for two reason.

Firstly, if don’t have a purpose, we become beasts. Our primary purpose, it is called instinct, is eating. If we don’t think about a higher purpose, we can say “we are human being”.

Secondly, our ultimate question is “what do I live for?” or “what do I die for?”, “why do I withstand painful situation?” . It means we want to know a purpose of life. We can’t stop asking it.

In conclusion, it is necessary to make our purpose clear, if we are to live as human being. Equally, it is necessary to make a higher purpose, more than making a profit, as to sustain company.